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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

Millbrex Cemetery Aberdeenshire.


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for Millbrex Cemetery - Kirkyard, by Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

51. In Loving memory of Margaret Duncan beloved wife of George Rennie Sunnyside d. Fyvie Cottage Hospital 27 Apr. 1926 aged 60; above George Rennie d. Sunnyside 25 Aug. 1928 aged 77; son John farmer Sunnyside d. Aberdeen 27 May 1960 aged 58; dau. Margaret Jane d. Maud 13 Feb. 1964 aged 66.

75. In loving memory of my husband George M. Stewart d. Muirs, Millbrex 19 Feb. 1887 aged 37; his wife Christian Duncan d. 24 May 1929 aged 78; grandchild Christian M. Duguid d. 12 Jan 1906 aged 3 yrs 9 mths; his brother in law George Duncan d. 6 Dec. 1916 aged 80.

95. Erected by Alexander Duncan in memory of his beloved wife Elizabeth Runcie d. 14 Oct. 1876 aged 21.

123. In loving memory of my beloved wife Margaret Keith d. Briggs, Millbrex 20 Jan. 1959 aged 85; her husband Alexander Milne Duncan d. Briggs, Millbrex 14 June 1961 1961 aged 85.

126. Erected by James Chalmers Millbrex in memory of his grandchild Elsie Keith d. 8 Jan. 1882 aged 10; said James Chalmers d. Burnside Millbrex 20 Nov. 1909 in his th year; his wife Elspet Urquhart d. 29May 1902 in her 85th year; great grandson Keith Duncan d. Woodton, Garmond 22 Nov. 1909 aged 6.

150. In loving memory of George Duncan South Faddenhill 1868 1933; his dau. Alice 1901 1903; son Frederick killed in france 1896 1916; dau. Nelie Sim wife of Alexander Brown d. King Williamstown, South Africa 1898 1934; his beloved wife Helen Sim Barrack 1868 1961. (underneath small heart) 1903 In loving memory of Alice Duncan aged 2.

151. In memory of Ann Petrie (Nancy) beloved wife of Frederick Duncan South Faddenhill d. 20 Jan. 1950 aged 22: their infant dau. Annie d. 1950.
158. In loving memory of Charles Duncan Beloved husband of Adelaide Greive d. at Ivy Cottage, Greens, 3 Dec. 1956 aged 58; Charles John d. in infancy; above Adelaide Greive d. 25 May 1981 aged 86. (in front of shield) In loving memory of his baby Duncan aged 5 Weeks.

171. War Memorial Erected by public subscription in memory of the heroes of Millbrex who fell in the Great War 1914 1919.
Gordon Highlanders; Pte. Fred Duncan

180. Erected by Charles Duncan Burnend, Gight in memory of his wife Elizabeth Sangster d. 22 Mar. 1887 aged 78; above Charles Duncan d. Burnend, Gight 8 July 1891 aged 76; Isabel Jaffery wife of his son Charles d. 3 Apr. 1913. Charles Duncan
d. 13 Jan. 1928.


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