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Duncan & Scottish History


Apart from History on the people with the name Duncan, Duncanson, Duncane, Dunkinson, Duncean, Dunken, Donkin, Dunkin and other alternate spellings; the society will include Scottish historical, genealogical and biographical information useful to Clan Society Members and visitors to the website.

Members of the Society and visitors are encouraged to add to this section of the website and expand on the information available.

Click Here - Duncan Origins & Clan Info.

Duncan (Dunchad, Donchadh) dates back to the Dalriadan Celtic Scotii (Scots) from about the 7thC. >>>

Click Here - Scottish History

Various articles on the history of Scotland its conflicts,  places, people and culture. >>>

Click Here - Duncan and Scottish Heraldry

Scottish Heraldry plays a huge roll in the Clan System both past and present. See Duncan Arms. >>>

Click Here - Duncan Genealogy and Other Info

Genealogical Information and other records to help you research your Duncan origins. >>>

Click Here - Duncan Biographies

Various Duncan Biographies of ordinary people and those that have shaped history. >>>

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