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The Duncan Tartans

Clan Duncan Society


There are two official Clan Duncan Tartans at present, The Duncan or Leslie of Wardis and Duncan of Sketraw. Both tartans are registered with the Scottish Tartan Register (The official Register of Tartans in Scotland), The Scottish Tartan Authority (STA) and The Scottish Tartan World Register. Either of the Tartans can be worn to show an allegiance to the name Duncan. A third Tartan known as ‘Duncan Ancient’ is offered for sale by some manufacturers but, this Tartan does not have any known official recognition with the Duncan name.

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Duncan, or Leslie of Wardis

  Duncan, or Leslie of Wardis Tartan

The Duncan, or Leslie of Wardis Tartan (Clan/Family Tartan), is the oldest tartan to be associated with the name Duncan and sold by most weavers and is included in most pattern books. However, it is not a Clan Duncan Tartan and there is no official or registered tartan with that name. It is however always been the tartan, which in the past has been adopted to show allegiance to the name.

Scottish Register of Tartans No: 1025
Scottish Tartan Authority ITI No: 1112
Scottish Tartan World Register No: WR1112
Date: Pre. 1880
Designer: Unknown
Thread Count:  
K8 G42 W6 G42 B42 R8 B42
G42 W6 G42
Half Set Full Count at the Pivot.

Duncan of Sketraw


The Duncan of Sketraw Tartan (Clan/Family Tartan) was designed by Brian Wilton. The colours are 'loosely' based on Duncan, or Leslie of Wardis. The Tartan was designed for John A. Duncan of Sketraw, Laird of Sketraw and can also be used to show allegiance to Clan Duncan.

Scottish Register of Tartans No: 5301
Scottish Tartan Authority ITI No: 6497
Scottish Tartan World Register No: WR3224
Date: 2005
Designer: Brian Wilton
Thread Count:  
R/4 K12 G4 K4 G28 K2 Y4 K2 B10 R2 B10
K2 W4 K2 G28 K2 B/4
Half Set Full Count at the Pivot.

Duncan of Sketraw Tartan - click for more information


Unregistered Duncan Ancient

  Unregistered Duncan Ancient Duncan

The Duncan Ancient is offered for sale by some weavers in their pattern books but, there is no registered version of the Tartan. The Tartan looks more like a washed out version of Duncan, or Leslie of Wardis, to attempt to give an ancient look to the tartan, there seems to be no official registration and is not a true Ancient tartan which, would have represented the use of ancient vegetable dyes.

Scottish Tartan Registration & The Official Government Tartan Register


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Scottish Tartan Authority

Scottish Tartans World Register

Scottish Tartans World Register


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The Official Scottish Government Register of Tartans


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