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Member of the  Genealogical Society of Scotland

Clan Duncan Genealogy Data

Clan Duncan Society


One of the aims of the Society is to help Society Members and other Clan Folks to trace their Genealogical roots to Scotland. However, Duncan Clans folk today a spread around the world and hopefully by including various Duncan genealogical data and and family genealogies we can help make connections and help with your research into your family tree and line.

Regrettably it is not possible for the Society at the moment to answer individual questions but, you can participate on the forum where others may be able to help. We will publish various Name Lists, Monumental Inscriptions, Individual family histories & Genealogies and other information that may help you in your research as and when it become available but we rely on your participation.

Members and Visitors are encouraged to contact the Society and send any genealogical information to us that may help the Society expand this service and further help fellow 'Duncan Clansfolk' trace their family members and origins. "Sharing Information Helps us All"


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Duncan Monumental Inscriptions MI Records - Cemetery


Aberdeenshire MI Records Duncan (PDF)

Leslie Cemetery MI Records Duncan


Baglay Cemetery MI Records Duncan - Dundee

Markinch Burial Records 1799-1854, Fife


Banff Old Cemetery MI Records Duncan

Methlick Cemetery MI Records Duncan


Botriphnie Cemetery, Moray MI Records Duncan

Millbrex Cemetery & Fyvie MI Records Duncan


Cairnie Cemetery MI Records Duncan

New Deer Cemetery MI Record Duncan


Cullen Cemetery, Moray MI List Duncan

Oyne Cemetery MI Records Duncan


Dalrymple Cemetery, Ayrshire, MI List Duncan

Peterhead B.M.D. Records Duncan


Dunbennan and Kinnoir Cemetery, Huntly

Prestonkirk Cemetery, East Linton MI List Duncan


Drumblade Cemetery MI Records Duncan

Rhynie Cemetery MI Records Duncan


Forglen Cemetery MI Record Duncan

St Serf's Church, Dinning, Perthshire, MI, Duncan


Howff Cemetery Dundee MI List Duncan (PDF)

Tarves Cemetery MI Record Duncan


Inverkeithney Cemetery MI Record Duncan

Turriff Cemetery MI Records Duncan


King Edward Cemetery MI Record Duncan

Udny Cemetery MI Record Duncan


Cabrach Cemetery MI Record Duncan




Click Here -  for the Family Gaeneolgy Pages of Duncan of Sketraw

Duncan of Sketraw, Genealogy & Family History

My History - Genealogy and Family History Supplies


There are available, various individual 'Duncan Biographies' on the Duncan History Pages


Other Duncan related  Genealogical Data Lists and Files


Aberdeen (ARI) Death Records Duncan 1743-1855

Duncan Political Graveyard USA


Aberdeen Obituaries (Duncan) 1771 - 1799

The Duncan Armorial and Scottish Heraldry


Duncan Jacobite Prisoners to the Americas 1716

Duncan Convicts to Australia


Duncan Muster Roll of Jacobites of 1745-46



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Individual Duncan Genealogies & Family Histories

Note: To be published here we are looking for Duncan's not only with an electronic version of their

 genealogy but those who have, where possible, obtained the documents to substantiate the record


Anc. John A. Duncan of Sketraw, Aberdeenshire

Anc.of Patrick Charles Nice, Western Australia


Anc. of Robert Paul Duncan, Staffordshire

Anc.of John D. Duncan, Charleston, SC USA


Roy A. Duncan, Aberdeenshire

Anc.of Sharon Linda Whalen née Duncan, Dundee


Desc. of David Duncan, Nigg, Kincardineshire

Desc. of George Duncan, Old Machar, Aberdeen


Desc. of Johnston Duncan, Ct. Tyrone, Ireland



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The Duncan Surname Association Y-DNA Project


The Clan Duncan Society can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.


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