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The Gathering 2009 Edinburgh


On the 25th and 26th July 2009 Edinburgh will witness one of the largest clan gatherings in history and the Clan Duncan Society will be there.

Holyrood Park will host a magnificent Highland Games over the two days, then on the Saturday evening Clan members will parade up the historic Royal Mile and take their seats on the Edinburgh Castle esplanade for a spectacular Clan Pageant. For more information on the event itself please visit The Gathering 2009 Website

                                Clan Gathering Edinburgh 2009


Note: To all Duncans,  join us under the Duncan banner in the parade up to Edinburgh Castle at the Gathering 2009 at Holyrood Park 25th 26th July.

Or, visit us at the Clan Duncan Society tent at the Gathering 2009. If you haven't got your passport for the event, there is still time, see for details.

Feedback please either on the forum or by email to:-


To make this event the best we can for our own Clans Folk and to help finance the expenditure on Tents, banners and other paraphernalia we need to raise finances. Please consider donating to the Society by the use of the donation button towards the foot of the page.

We will also need volunteers to help man the tent at the gathering and to take part in  the parade up the Royal Mile. If you are interested please contact the society.

This is going to be a spectacular event and we encourage as many Clans Folk to attend as possible. If any society members need help with finding accommodation and other advice please contact us. Do not leave this to the last minuet as you may not be able to gain accommodation in or close to Edinburgh.

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