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Walking the West Highland Way


Rob Duncan’s pre expeditionary hike up the West Highland Way – photographs can be seen in the Clan Gallery - in March 2005, has led him to the decision to do it again next year. This time however he is hoping that other Duncans will join him in the 95 mile scenic trail through the West Highlands. 

This is a chance for you to follow in the footsteps of many of your Scots ancestors, a path used by the Romans in their invasion attempt of northern Britain and the Scots for a variety of reasons such as trade, rustling, droving and one of their other favourite pastimes ….waging war on other clans. 

Rob has laid out the itinerary of the event and if you would like to attend or need further information you will find his contact details at the foot of the page along with a downloadable (PDF).


The Clan Duncan Society April 2006 Expedition

Period:   23rd April to 30th April 2006


  • Robert P Duncan (confirmed)
  • Joanna Duncan (confirmed)
  • Pamela Duncan, Canada (awaiting confirmation)
  • Adam Hirst (confirmed)
  • Walter Drummond-Murray (confirmed)
  • Ed Doran (confirmed)
  • Michael McCormick (confirmed)
  • John D Duncan, USA (awaiting confirmation)
  • David Ledbury (confirmed)

The expedition will start from Milngavie on Sunday, 23rd April 06 at 09:00 hrs from the official start point.  The start can be located from quite easily from the finger posts located around the village.

For ease of administration & booking, the team should book their own accommodation as set out below.  I strongly recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment.

Once you have booked, can you confirm back to me you have completed this first task?


1. Saturday, 22th April 06   -   The gathering of the Clan

First Night Accommodation:

Suggested next day morning start: 09:00 hrs

‘West View’ (B&B)

1, Dougalston Gardens South,



G62 6HS. 


Tele:  0141 956 3046 / 5973

Mob: 0771 1540 769

Cost: £24 p.p


2. Sunday, 23rd April 06   -   ‘First Day of Walk

Second Night Accommodation:

Distance to site: 19 miles

Suggested next day morning start: 09:30 hrs

Bunkhouse Lodge (Bunkhouse)

Balmaha Road,


G63 0JQ.

Tele:  01360 870084

Mob: 0771 1540

Cost: £20 p.p (including breakfast)


3. Monday, 24rd April 06

Third Night Accommodation:  

Facilities:  The facilities here are excellent.  Good food and drink available.  With Hot Tub.  Nice views.  Walks available!  

Distance to site: 14 miles

Suggested next day morning start: 10:30 hrs

Marion & Scott
Inversnaid Bunkhouse
FK8 3TU.

Tel: 01301 702970
Fax: 01301 702976


Facilities:  Includes a ‘Hot Tub’!

Cost: £15 p.p (Breakfast / Evening meals a little extra)


Tuesday, 25th April 06

This is a necessary must do stop.  A visit to the famous Drovers ‘Haunted’ Inn

Distance to Inn: 6 miles

This will now be a break point before continuing on to Crianlarich


4. Tuesday, 25th April 06

Fourth Night Accommodation:

Distance to site: 12

Suggested next day morning start: 09:00 hrs

Scottish YHA,
Station Road,
FK20 8QN. 

Hostel Tele: 0870 004 1112

Central Reservations Tele: 0870 1 55 32 55



Accommodation:  Youth Hostel

Cost: £12-00 p.p (Breakfast / Evening meals Local Pub or on site facilities)


5. Wednesday, 26th April 06

Fifth Night Accommodation:

Distance to site: 13 Miles

Suggested next day morning start: 09:00 hrs

The West Highland Way Sleeper,
Bridge of Orchy Station,
Bridge of Orchy,


PA36 4AD

Tel: 01838 400 548



Accommodation:   A Railway Station!

Cost: £13 p.p (Breakfast / Evening meals down the pub)


6. Thursday, 27th April 06

Sixth Night Accommodation:

Distance to site: 12 miles

Suggested next day morning start: 09:30 hrs


PH49 4HY

Tele:  01855 851 259


Accommodation:  Hotel

Cost: £23 p.p (Breakfast / Evening meals a little extra)


7. Friday, 28th April 06

Seventh Night Accommodation:

Distance to site: 9 miles

Suggested next day morning start: 09:30 hrs

Blackwater Hostel

Lab Road


PH50 4SG

Tele:  01855 831 253 / 402



Accommodation:  Bunkhouse

Cost: £12 p.p (Cooking facilities on site or pub etc.. facilities 200 metres away)


8. Saturday,  29th April 06

Eighth Night Accommodation / Celebration Time / Free time:

Distance to site: 14 miles

Bank street Lodge,
Bank Street,
Fort William,

PH33 6AY

Tele:  01397 700070


Accommodation:  Bunkhouse

Cost: £11-£12 p.p (Breakfast / Evening meals down the pub) 

NB: Can the team indicate whether they would be interested in an additional night in Fort William?  There is a wealth of things to do here with plenty of interesting and historic places to visit.  Benn Nevis is on the doorstep the highest mountain in Scotland and in Britain.


Baggage Transfers

AMS offers an excellent baggage transfer service.  Joanna and I used this facility and we were very please.  The cost is £30 a bag, regardless of the size. 

For more information and personal attention, please contact Audrey or Robert on:  

Tele:  01324 823144



The following website is really worth a look.  It details almost everything you need and want to know about the walk and associated topics.

Alba West Website:

NB: I have tried to select the route and stop off points for interest, challenges, and enjoyment alike mixing the distances travelled.  The variety should enable everyone to enjoy the incredible scenery and photo taking opportunities that abound.  

~~~ Please let me know if you have any suggestions or alternative route selections ~~~

Please remember to book your accommodation as early as possible to avoid disappointment and confirm back to me when completed. 

I would suggest by the 31st May 2005

I look forward to hearing from you all shortly.



Robert Duncan

Publications Editor

Clan Duncan Society



Tele: 01977 594386
Mob: 0791 702 2009

Download the (PDF) of the above West Highland Expedition


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