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Duncan Convicts to Australia


There were many ships that transported convicts from the UK to Australia with some of the internees being convicted for nothing less than stealing a loaf of bread. We have managed to trace a few of these ships and a few of the Duncans sent to the New World. It is hoped to add further details to this page as and when information is available or Society members or visitors are kind enough to send us more information.

  Pyrenees - arrived in WA in 1853  

This 832 ton ship was built at Sunderland in 1851. It was employed twice as a convict transport for Western Australia and left Torbay, England on February 2, 1853 bound for the Swan River Colony. On this voyage she carried the ninth of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. The voyage took 87 days and the Pyrenees arrived in Fremantle on April 30, 1853 with 94 passengers and 293 convicts [Erickson]. B. Freeman and John Bower were the captain and surgeon respectively.

Duncan, John - height:  5' 3" - hair: light grey - build: round,  fair,  robust - age: 35
Sentence: 10y Central Criminal Court  09 04 1849  Burglary.
  Clara - arrived in WA in 1857  

This 708 ton ship was built in Sunderland in 1853. It was employed twice as a convict transport for Western Australia and left London, England on March 19, 1857 bound for the Swan River Colony. She carried the eighteenth of 37 shipments of male convicts destined for Western Australia. On this voyage the Clara took 106 days and arrived in Fremantle on July 3, 1857 with 95 passengers and 262 convicts [Erickson]. Henry Peachey and Jas. Caldwell were the captain and surgeon respectively.


Duncan, William  -  age: 24 - 4491 - Sentence: 7y - Aberdeen -  1852  Theft


Indispensable - Arrived 30 April 1796.  NSW

  Sailed October 1795 from England in 6 months. Embarked 133 females.  
Duncan, Jane - Sentence: Southampton  04/03/1794 England aka [Robinson]

Wanstead - Arrived 9 January 1814.  NSW 

Sailed 24/8/1813 from Spithead in 138 days. Embarked 120 females.

Duncan, Sarah - Sentence:  Surrey - 01/03/1813 England.


Sydney Cove - Arrived 18 June 1807. NSW

Sailed 11/1/1807 from Falmouth in 158 days. Embarked 4 males and 113 females.

Duncan, Sarah - Sentence: Surrey - 13/10/1806 England.


Morley - Arrived 30 September 1820. NSW

  Sailed 22/5/1820 from London in 130 days. Embarked 121 females.  
Duncan, Elizabeth - Sentence: Lancaster  20/03/1820 England

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