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News Articles and Archives


Previous Archives, Announcements and News Articles from the Clan Duncan Society.




New Society Membership Badge - October 2006

The new Society logo - Badge we hope will promote the Society and give an identity to its members. Members of the Society are free to use the logo as they wish but we would ask, if used in an electronic format and where possible that it is linked back to the Society’s website.  

The badge we feel reflects one of our most famous ancestors Viscount Admiral Adam Duncan of Camperdown by using the stern of a warship in gold to reflect his naval career. This to will give a representation to the many other Duncans who bare ‘Scottish Arms’ and use a ship in their crest while, the St Andrews Cross (saltier) will indicate the Society and Clans historic and genealogical roots in Scotland.

  Heraldry Page and Duncan Coats of Arms List April 5th 2005

A massive amount of research and work has gone into producing all the Coats of Arms (Armorial Bearings) of all the Duncans registered in the Hague Roll and Register of the Court of the Lord Lyon Court of Scotland. The Society takes the opportunity to thank Martin Goldstraw  for all his hard work involved in putting it all together.

                          Duncan Arms in the Hague Roll and Register of
                          the Court of the Lord Lyon in Scotland.



New Society Officers 14th Feb "2005

The Society would like to welcome Society Officers, Margaret Sainte Claire as Membership Secretary who's experience is most welcomed. Robert Duncan as Publications Editor a post new to him but, with years of tracing a his own Duncan Genealogical roots and his belief in the importance of the Society will, I am sure, be a great asset to us all.



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