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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

Tarves Cemetery (Kirkyard)


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for Tarves Cemetery Kirkyard, Aberdeenshir

108. In memory of James Duncan Craigdam d.18 July aged 61; Isabella Allan his wife d. Mar. 1886 aged 62. 

144 Erected by George Duncan in memory of his father John Duncan d.1 Feb 1879 aged 75; his mother Janet Tough d 2 Dec. 1868 aged 60, both of home d. at East Torryleath. Udney. Also his brother Alexander d.31 July 1848 aged 3. 

148. In loving memory of Peter Duncan Bedehouse d.29 Jan. 1919 aged 93. His wife Jane Glennie d.6th June 1919 aged 91. Their daus. Jane d.21 June 1947 aged 94. Helen d 21 Jan 1861 aged 95. John Main husband of their dau. Helen d.18 Sept. 1916 aged 40. 

166. Erected in loving memory of George Argo M.A, farmer Braeside of Toloquhon d.9 Nov. 1905 aged 74; his son George d.5 June 1879 aged 10 mths. His wife Joanna Elizabeth Duncan d.26 Feb 1919 aged 74. 

189. In loving memory of mother Susan Duncan d.5 May 1869 aged 51 & my sister Catherine d.2May 1866 aged 19. W.D. 

190. (flat Stone) In memory of George Duncan late in Stripeside of Tarves d. 13 March 1835 aged 59; his spouse Agnes Chalmers d.14 Dec 1870 aged 91. Their daus. Barbara d.23 June 1835 aged 23, Catherine d.14 Oct 1904 aged 81. 

196. In loving memory of Robert Duncan d. Hill of Braiklay 14 Apr 1899 aged 85, his wife Jane Scrogie d.28 Apr. 1906 aged 85. Their Son Robert d.24 June 1907 aged 64. Their dau. Agnes d.14 Apr 1915 aged 64. 

203. Catherine Milne d. Wedderlairs, Tarves 1806- d. Thomroan, Tarves, 10 Aug. 1905 – for many years the faithful & respected housekeeper of the late John Duncan Newseat of Tolquhon. 2 lines verse. 

230. (Flat Stone) In memory of Isabel Annand spouse to Alexander Duncan in Readmoss of Fochel d.20 Mar 1825 aged 94. Also the afore Alexander Duncan b.4 May 1830 aged 83. 

247. In loving memory of Mary Duncan wife of Alexander Watson d. Millbank Tarves 16 June 1928 aged 72. Their dau. Mary d. Uppermill 24 Sept. 1890 aged 3. Above Alexander Watson d.14 Oct. 1930 aged 81. Their son James d.5 Apr. 1974 aged 87 their dau. Dora d.16 May 1981 aged 87. 

253  Erected by George Duncan sometime crofter at North Ysie in memory of his spouse Jean Skene d.4 Dec 1838 aged 62. Above George Duncan d.25 June 1844 aged 73. James Duncan d. The Dullies of Cairnbroggie 26 Jan. 1879 aged 65. 

254. Erected by Andrew Duncan Ardo, Methlic in memory of his wife Isabel Skene d.28 Nov. 1857 aged 72. Elizabeth Duncan their dau. & spouse of Lachlan Fraser d.12 Apr. 1859. Ann d. in infancy. Isobela d.25 Apr. 1860 aged 5, children of John Duncan Ardo, Methlic. Ann Forbes wife of John Duncan d. Ardo, Methlic 1 Apr 1887 aged 58; above John Duncan farmer at Ardo, Methlic d. Logie Durno, Chapel (sic) of Garioch 1 June 1888 aged 63. (back) in memory of Andrew Duncan late of Aslied (sic) d.27 Mar. 1872 aged 87. 

256. Sacred to the memory of William Duncan late mason in Thornron (sic) d.26 Aug. 1848 aged, Catherine Logie his spouse d.1 Feb 1880 aged 83. Of their family who d. Alexander in infncy, Christian 28 Oct. 1849 aged 22 Catherine 28 Nov. 1849 aged 20, William 18 May 1850 aged 25, James 27 May 1850 aged 12, Margaret d. Raxton 30 Dec. 1907 aged 78. 

284. Erected by John Duncan mason in Aberdeen in memory of Mary Rae his spouse d.27 June 1814 aged 30. 

285. In loving memory of William Duncan late farner Village, Tarves d. Boghouse 16 July 1907 aged 94. His wife Sarah Duncan d.14 Nov. 1873 aged 54. Their dau. Helen wife of George Rennie farmer Boghouse d.14 Jan 1932 aged 83. Above George Rennie d.30 Apr. 1932 aged 82. Helen Duncan Rennie dau. of above d.28 Nov 1958 aged 80. 

286. Erected by George Duncan, Colp in Memory of his son Francis Alexander d.16 Feb aged 18 mths. His father Francis Duncan d.6 May 1856 aged 81, his mother Susan Brichen d.17 Sept. 1857 aged 82. 

287. Erected by Jean Couper in memory of her husband James Duncan shoemaker Raxtond.5 Feb 1829 aged 34. Said Jane (sic) Couper d.26 Feb 1858 aged 67. William Duncan d. Raxton 11 June 1898 aged 80. His brother James d.25 Mar. 1890 aged 69. 

288. In Memory of John Duncan, Tullloch  and his wife Elspet Clark. 

311. In Memory of Alexander Duncan Esq. Lately in Newseat of Tulquhon (sic) d.4 Feb. 1842 aged 69. His son John Duncan esq. of Asleed & farmer in Newseat of Tulquhon, Tarves d.20 Nov. 1871 aged 62. William Duncan son of the late John Duncan d. Newseat 17 Oct 1869 aged 54. Mary Hadden widow of above d.25 Sept. 1910 aged 75. 

428. In loving memory of our mother Agnes Bruce wife of John Duncan d. Hill of Braiklay 27 Nov. 1952 aged 56; above John Duncan d.18 Sept. 1964 aged 60 (Square in front) In Loving memory of our dear June d.7 Aug 1939 aged 6. 

430. William Duncan d. South Ythsie 28 Oct 1901. 

478. In loving memory of Robert Duncan late crofter Village of Tarves d. 1857 aged 71; his wife Margaret McGregor d.1851 aged 63. Of their children Robert d.1812 aged 2; Lewis d.1817 in infancy; May d.1836 aged 15; Christina d.1836 aged 17. 

500. (shield) In Memory of William Duncan husband of Christina Cumming d.2 Nov. 1912 aged 31; above Christina C. Cumming d.10 Apr. 1916 aged 35.

  The following DUNCAN MIs are reproduced with kind permission from “The Kirkyard of Tarves”, compiled by Sheila M Spiers, one of over 90 MI booklets published by Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland Family History Society, covering burial grounds in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Moray.

Full details of these and other genealogical publications are available at: and a Surname Index to the MIs is available at:

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