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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

Oyne Cemetery Aberdeenshire.


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for Oyne Cemetery - Kirkyard, by Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

1. In memory of GEORGE MATHISON, late in Upper Buchanstone died Jan 1820 aged 75 yr; also his spouse ANN DUNCAN who died 24th Novr 1830 aged 80 years. Also of their son WILLIAM who died 11th August 1861 aged 79 years.

2. This stone lies the remains of JAMES BENZIE late in Dunnydeer who died 5th Feb. 1830 aged 67, his wife MARGARET DUNCAN who died 1821 aged 51, also their daughter MARGARET 1821 aged 19.

3. In memory of JOHN COLLIE in Priestwell who died 13th March 1805 aged 67, also his spouse JEAN DUNCAN who died Nov. 1812 aged 70.

4. In loving memory of GEORGE MURRAY DUNCAN died in infancy at Torries, Oyne June 1924, also HELEN MITCHELL MARGARET DUNCAN died at Blair, Pitcaple on th June 1930 aged 4 1/2 years also their mother MARY CASSIE MURRAY, BlairInver, Banchory died on 2nd June 1974 aged 73, her husband and their father ALEXANDER ROBERTSON DUNCAN died on 2nd March 1983 aged 94.

5. In memory of MARY DUNCAN spouse of ALEXANDER CRUICKSHANK late farmer in Braehead of Drumblade who died 17th of August 1837 aged 55 years. Erected by her sons.

6. In memory of JOHN DUNCAN, late in Pulwhite who died Feb. 1794 in the 49th year of his age, also his spouse ISOBEL SMITH who died Sept. 1826 in the 76th year of her age. Erected by their sons JAMES, JOHN, DUNCAN.

7. In memory of WILLIAM DUNCAN late farmer in The Kirk Town of Oyne who died in the year 1801 aged 78 years, also his nephew GEORGE MATHISON, Shoemaker who died on the 12th of April 1792 aged 50 years, also WILLIAM MATHISON who died at Tillyfour on the 3rd of May 1831 aged 84 years.

8. Erected by JOHN DUNCAN, Kirktown, Oyne in loving memory of his daughter ELSIE died 13th January 1920 aged 15, and the above JOHN DUNCAN, 16 Allan Street, Aberdeen died 2nd March 1958 aged 83, and his beloved wife CATHERINE ADAM died 10th March 1969 aged 87.

9. In loving memory of DAVID SIMSON WILSON, Mornond Hotel, Strichen born at Old Westhall, Oyne 28th July 1868 died 24th August 1936, and his wife ELIZABETH born 11th August 1875 died 12th March 1963, loving memories of their son SANDY who died in Perth on 12th March 1996 aged 80 having lived with his sister CATHIE & husband EDDIE DUNCAN. WILSON


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