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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

King-Edward Cemetery - Kirkyard
by Turriff, Aberdeenshire formerly Banffshire


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for King-Edward Cemetery Kirkyard, by Turriff Aberdeenshire  formerly Banffshire

32. By Alexander Joas farmer in burnside of Cullen to his father Alexander Joass and mother Beatrice Addison. The former d.5th the later d.7th Jan 1763 and both buried on 9th of said month. Son Walter Joass d.5 Feb 1764 ; spouse Mary Duncand.18 Sept. 1772; above Alexander Joass d. Feb 1802 aged 80; Grand-dau. Jane, dau of William Joass, Burnside of Cullen d. 22 June 1821 aged 11; Also to the memory of Alexander Joass MA, nore than 50 years schoolmaster of the parish of Boindie d. 1831 aged 75. 

51. In memory of George Jack sometime in Monkston d. 1734; as also Kathern Robertson his spouse d.15 June 1743; this is done by Alexander Jack his lawful son sometime in Jackston. Bathia Jack lawful dau. to Alexander Jack & Margaret Duncan d. 16 Aug ??? 

172. by Patrick Duncan in memory of his Aunt Jane Morrison who resided at Balchers for 50 years, d. at Cotburn Cottage 4 Nov. 1889 and her sister Mary d. 23 Jan 1889 aged 95. 

174. In memory of William Duncan farmer in lower Plaidy d.16 Sept. 1866 aged 80; his spouse Elspet Pirie d. 21 Nov. 1868 aged 79; dau. Elspet d.29 Dec. 1834 aged 12; son William farmer, Lower Plaidy d.24 Oct. 1902 aged 78. 

175. In memory of Alexander Duncan farmer, Backhill of Plaidy d.1 Mar. 1862 aged 74; his spouse Christian Barron d.30 Dec. 1867 aged 76; son Alexander Duncan d.9 Jan 1834 aged 9; dau. Ann d.28 Feb. 1862 aged 32; also James Hepburn d.20 Feb. 1898 aged 38; Isabella Duncan dau. 1st Named Alexander Duncan d.11 Aug. 1905 aged 85. 

185. In memory of James Ramsay d. at Nethermuir, New Deer 9 Feb. 1837 aged 91 also his wife Jane Duncand.15 Aug. 1842 aged 90. 

189. Here lyes the dust of Alexander Jack sometime in Jackston d.15 June 1779 aged 92; also his spouse Margaret Duncan d.16 Aug. 1762 also their dau. Bathia Jack who paid the last debt to nature 26 June 1748 aged 16. 

199. by William Duncan sometime in Headstone of Cullen in memory of his spouse Jean Duncan d.23 Feb. 1781 aged 65. 

216. Erected by William Smith many years farmer at Milltack, to the memory of his father John Smith d.4 Dec. 1818 aged 72; and his mother Jane Duncan d.12 Apr. 1838 aged 82; also the following of his family; - Helen d.12 Apr. 1838 aged 10; John d.8 May 1841 aged 13; Ann d.6 June 1846 aged 18; William d.26 Oct. 1853 aged 34; in memory also of his spouse Helen Murray d.11 Feb. 1859 aged 69; above William Smith d. at Gorrachie 22 Nov. 1872 aged 86. 

226. In memory of Margaret Duncan d.2 Feb. 1772; also her father John Duncan sometime tenant in Inverieghtny d.7 July 1750; Here lies George Morison d. at Boat of Auchenbadie 18 Aug. 1854 aged 54; also his spouse Mary Harper d. at Boat of Auchenbadie 26 Dec 1870 aged 90; also George Morison son of George Morison d. at Macduff 8 May 1891 aged 81. 

232 By the survivors of the late James Massie sometime at Mill of Kinairdy, parish of Marnoch d.17 Nov. 1806 aged 39; also his spouse Margaret Duncan d.1 May 1850 aged 86. 

Duncan Enclosesure 

D1. By Elspet Davidson in memory of her spouse Patrick Duncan farmer Balchers d.22 June 1827 aged 65; above Elspet Davidson d. Balchers 10 May 1866 aged 94. 

D2. By Isabella Morrison in memory of her husband Robert Duncan Mains of Auchenbadie d.8 Nov. 1863 aged 74; above Isabella Morrison d. North Burreldales 22 Dec. 1873 aged 79. 

D3.  Elspet Mackie spouse to John Duncan in Balchares d.1 Nov. 1782 aged 57, A friend to the Poor. A loving and dutiful wife. An affectionate and tender mother. A quiet and serious Christian; John Duncan her husband d.8 Oct 1786 aged 67; also his son John d. Fortrie 29 Sept. 1817 aged 67; William d. Milton of Fisherie 18 Dec. 1820 in his 69th year; and James d. Mill of Fisherie Mar. 1826 aged 70. 

D4. In memory of Robert Duncan many years farmer at Mains of Montcoffer wher he d.29 June 1850 aged 82; long an Elder of this Parish. Stone erected by sister-in-law Elspet Duncan, Balchers. 

D.5 By William Duncan, Milltown of Fisherie in memory of his mother Maragret Simpson d. there 12 Apr. 1834 aged 70; brother John d. there 2 Mar. 1860 aged 66; sister Elspet d. there 2 June 1865 aged 70; also in memory of brother Patrick and sister Elizabeth d. Milltown of Fisherie; above William Duncan d.1 Dec. 1876 aged 86. 

D6. Alexander Mackie in Gardenstown erected this to the memory of his brother William Mackie sometime in Clochforbie d. 25 Jan. 1786 aged 38. At the desire of James Mackie in Gardenstown this is engraved in memory of his brother, the above Alexander Mackie d.26 May 1804 aged 72; and of his own son James d. 8 Aug. 1804 aged 22. 

D7. Small heart shaped stone set on the recess of the above In loving memory of our dear father A. Greig. 

D8. Erected by Patrick Duncan Balchers in memory of his spouse Helen C. Strachen d.10 May 1860 in her 20th year. 

D9. Erected by John Duncan Fortrie in memory of his uncle John Duncan d. there 29 Oct. 1869 aged 82; also aunt Jane Duncan d. there 30 July 1869 aged 76.


  The following DUNCAN MIs are reproduced with kind permission from “The Kirkyard of King Edward”, compiled by Sheila M Spiers, one of over 90 MI booklets published by Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland Family History Society, covering burial grounds in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Moray.

Full details of these and other genealogical publications are available at: and a Surname Index to the MIs is available at:

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