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Monumental Inscriptions (MI List) for Duncan

Dunbennan and Kinnoir Kirkyards, Huntly


Duncan MI Records for Dunbennan and Kinnoir Kirkyards, Huntly (Strathbogie) Aberdeenshire

14. Erected in memory of John Sutherland late merchant in Huntly who died October 25tth 1841, aged 60 years; also his wife Margaret Fraser who died April 6th 1859, aged 87 years; in memory of Elizabeth Duncan beloved wife of Alexander Sutherland who died at Huntly 22nd April 1880, aged 70 and of the said Alexander Sutherland
who died at Aberdeen 12th November 18(9?)1 aged 89; in fondest memory of the surviving family.

16. In memoriam John Sutherland born 1814 died1866 Elizabeth Mill his widow, born 11th Febryary 1811, died 12th December 1895. James J. eldest son, died April 25th 1889, interred in the Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh. John Duncan born 1st June 1860, died 30th January 1918. Robert Rainy, 3rd son, born April 11th 1851, died April 17th 1915. Elizabeth born February 25th 1853, died August 19th 1914. Both buried in Warriston Edinburgh. Isabella and Candlish who died in infancy.

49. In memory of Walter Nicol the fist burgess in Huntly who died anno 1739, aged 83; and of Christian Duncan his first wife who died 1709, aged 36. They had three children Bess, George and James and of Christian Christie his second wife who died 1747, aged 63, they had four children Walter, Anna, Elizabeth and William; and of the said George Nicol who died 1762, aged 63; his wife Jean Forbes died 1729, aged 28 and was buried at Rhynie. They had only two sons, William and Walter and of Margaret Thomson his second wife who died 1769 aged 60, they had four children, Jean, James, George and John. The three sons died in the West Indies and Jean died and was buried there aged 21.

History Note: In 1717 Walter Nicol sought compensation from the Duke of Gordon because of the harsh treatment he had received at the hands of Leith of Buchan who had forced him to join the Jacobite army. Nicol was almost 60 years old at the time his enforced enlistment.

154. Erected by Harry Duncan in memory of his sister Isabel who died 13th July 1837, aged 18.

191. Erected by Margaret Duncan in memory of her father Alexander Duncan who died 19th May 1866, aged 80 years. Also his wife Margaret Leslie who died August 1846, aged 62 years and of their family, Mary, James and George who all died in the prime of life. Also the above Margaret Duncan who died 6th June 1907, aged 80; also her husband John Shand who died 22nd December 1908, aged 80 Also their daughter Isabella Shand who died 17th September 1938.

202. Erected in memory of Ann Mellis wife of James Duncan, farmer, Robieston, who died on 26th February 1872, aged 57. Also the said James Duncan who died 20th July 1877, aged 71 years and his grandson Lee. Cpl. Wm. A. McPetrie, 6th Gordon Highlanders, who died of wounds received at Loos, 1st October 1915 aged 22 years and is intered at Le Treport, France. Also two grandchildren who died in infancy; and their daughter Ann Duncan, wife of Wm. McPetrie, who died 14th December 1927, aged 72 years. Also the Said William McPetrie who died 25th April 1930, aged 28 years.

204. In memory of John Duncan who died at Robiestown 3rd October 1856, aged 80 years; his wife Elizabeth Paul, died 17th March 1866 in the 86th year of her age; and of their children Robert on the 12th July 1830 aged 18, Elspet, 28th January 1831, aged 27, Jane 16th March 1831 aged 22, John 8th June 1850, aged 32. Also their grandchild Jane Duncan who died 12th January 1838, aged 10 years.

270. In memory of William Merson, blacksmith at Artloch, who died 24th November 1764, aged 63 and Margaret Duncan his spouse who died 19th January 1780 aged 73. Also their son Patrick Merson, blacksmith Huntly, who died 23rd December 1825 aged 78.

288. In memory of Alexander Duncan, late farmer Downie, who died 19th July 1843, aged 63 years; his son James who died 18th December 1848, aged 12 years; his son Alexander who died 2nd September 1862, aged 36 years; also his daughter Mary Milne who died 22nd February 1889, aged 94 years; also his daughter Mary who died 15th August 1904, aged 72 years; also their son John who died 23rd April 1914, aged 84 years and Pte. Charles McCombie grandson of the above John Duncan who fell in action at Beaumont-Hamel 15th November 1916, aged 27 years. Interred Mailly Wood Cemetery, France. Also Anne, Daughter of the above John Duncan, widow of Alexander McCombie, who died 4th February 1943, aged 82; and Mary Duncan McCombie, daughter of Alexander & Ann McCombie, passed peacefully away 21st September 1976, aged 82; also H.W. McCombie (Mrs. George) died in Canada 16th April 1981, aged 81. Jean 1896 1994.

329. In Memory of John Duncan, slater in Huntly, who died 2nd May 1859, aged 78; also his wife Ann Forbes who died 8th January 1859, aged 74. and of their son Alexander who died 31st December 1868 aged 39. Margaret Duncan died 23rd September 1883, aged 63. William Rust died 30th August 1879, aged 69. Mary Duncan died 15th October 1902 aged 81.

338. Erected by Jane in memory of her father William Duncan who died in Huntly January 23rd 1855, aged 71 years.

375. Erected by William Taylor, clothier, Huntly in memory of his children William who died 27th December 1862, Margaret who died 28th September 1865, Isabella who died 5th April 1880. Also the above named William Taylor who died 21st March 1891 and of Margaret Duncan his wife who died 25th May 1905. Also Jessie Shand or Duncan afterwards Watt, mother of the said Margaret Duncan, who died 10th August 1876.

408. Erected by Alexander Cruickshank, late of the 92nd, in memory of his son Thomas who died in South Africa 11th March 1866, aged 23 years; also his daughter Elsie who died 10th December 1865, aged 19 years; also in memory of his mother-inlaw Catherine Duncan who dies 30th October 1865 aged 90 years; also his daughter Catherine who died 16th May 1869, aged 24; also said Alexander Cruickshank who died 15th October 1870, aged 70 years.

103. To the memory of Archibald Duncan died 25th October 1963, beloved husband
of Ann Law. Also the above Ann Law, died 28th February 1972, aged 86 years.



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