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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

St Serf's Church Graveyard, Dinning, Perthshire.


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for Saint Sewrf's Cemetery - Graveyard, Dinning, Perthshire, Scotland

A 27 "Erected in loving memory of ROBERT DUNCAN younger son of JAMES DUNCAN and JANE DALRYMPLE who died 26th Aug. 1902 aged 21 years and of their Daughter CATHERINE who died lst Aug. 1879 aged 1 year and 4 weeks, JEANIE who died 5th June 1884, aged 1 year and the above JAMES DUNCAN died 17th June 1907, aged 77 years. Also the above JANE DALRYMPLE who died 7th May, 1923, in her 78th year. JAMES their son died 9th Mar. 1926, aged 71 years". On plinth - "Till He Come". Large stone pointed top - good condition - slight lean to left. 

C102 "Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA GLOAG beloved wife of JAMES DUNCAN, Contractor, Dunning, died 11th Nov. 1919 aged 55 years, and of the above JAMES DUNCAN who died 30th Dec. 1933 aged 76 years. - He took me by the hand and gently lead me through the night to endless day". Large granite stone with double plinth - good condition. 

C142 "In loving memory of JAMES DUNCAN died 5th May 1914 aged 85 years. And his wife JESSIE WATSON who died 29th July 1901 aged 72 years. Their sons DAVID died 9th Aug. 1861 aged 13 months; GEORGE died 1st Dec. 1879 aged 27 years. Their daughter HELEN died 14th Feb. 1949 aged 81. Also JESSIE HAYNE died 6th Aug. 1952 aged 82. Polished rectangular granite slab on plinth - good condition. 

C183 "In memory of DAVID DUNCAN who died 14th Dec. 1875 aged 43. His wife MARY DUNCAN died 12th July 1915 aged 83. His daughter MARY died 26th Aug. 1862 aged 2". Large sandstone stone with rounded top, on plinth - good condition. 

E 274 "In loving memory of ANN DUNCAN beloved wife of JAMES SCOTT who died 2nd June 1912 aged 62 years. Also their son JOHN who died 10th Dec. 1977 aged 9 months. The above JAMES SCOTT died 5th Dec. 1915 in his 65th year and their son JAMES who died 16th Sep. 1928 aged 47 years". On plinth - "He giveth his beloved sleep". Tall black granite stone with cross and decorations above and around lettering - plinth - good condition. 

E 307 "Erected by his father and mother in loving memory of JAMES MARSHALL DUNCAN who died 2nd May 1914 aged 34 years and their grand-daughter JEANNIE DUNCAN WALLACE who died 28th Dec. 1904. JANE DUNCAN wife of HENRY DUNCAN who died 3rd Dec. 1915 aged 72 years and their youngest son WILLIAM lst Scots Guards husband of MARY BROADFOOT who died from wounds in France 13th Dec. 1916 aged 32 years. The above HENRY DUNCAN died 22nd May 1922 aged 79 years. ADA SOPHIA FOUND wife of their son ALEXANDER DUNCAN who died 17th May 1928 aged 50 years". On plinth - "Till the day dawn and the shadows flee away". Tall granite stone with scalloped decorated top - good condition. 

G 448 "Erected by JOHN CUNNINGHAM in memory of his father DAVID CUNNINGHAM, feuar, Dunning who died 19th Aug. 1864 aged 67 and of MARGARET and JAMES his sister and brother who died in infancy. Also of his grandmother ISABELLA MILLER who died 9th Jan. 1845 aged 72. Also in memory of his nephew JOHN DUNCAN a young man of great promising ability who died 14th Feb. 1869 at the early age of 22 years. Also his mother MARGARET MARSHALL died 13th May 1876 aged 74 years. Also his brother DAVID died at Edinburgh 21st July 1877 aged 55 years. His sister JANET spouse of ROBERFT GRAY, feuar, Dunning, died 11th Jan. 1889 aged 58 years. ROBERT GRAY died 31st May 1908 aged 88 years". On plinth - "S C". Large grey stone with urn on top and plinth - reasonable condition.


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