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Monumental Inscriptions (MI Records) for Duncan

Banff Old Cemetery
Banff, Aberdeenshire formerly Banffshire


Duncan Monumental Inscriptions for Banff Old Cemetery Kirkyard, Banff Aberdeenshire  formerly Banffshire

8. John Bisit, Jean Dvncan.

135. Erected by George Duncan, watchmaker in Banff, in memory of Anne Duncan, his spouse, who died the 21st December, 1827, aged 47 years

195. Erected by John Duncan, shoemaker in Banff, and Margaret Gilbert, his spouse, in memory of their son William Duncan, who departed this life 28th September, 1828, aged 2 years and 7 months. Also Charlotte Duncan, their daughter, who departed this life 27th November, 1833, aged 9 months, also their son James Duncan, who died 9th June, 1834, aged 10 years, and their daughter Margaret Duncan, who died 14th March, 1835, aged 5 years. The above John Duncan died 28th February, aged 50 years.

392. Erected by Mary Ann Duncan in memory of her beloved husband George Morison, farmer at Foulzie, who died 12th February, 1849, aged 34 years

428. This stone is erected by Thomas Duncan, gardiner in Banff, in memory of his father James Duncan, who died anno 1776, and also four of his own children, viz., Mary, Ann, Alexander, and Catharine.

1868. This stone is erected in memory of, John Duncan, blacksmith, Banff, who died in 1827, aged 55, and of Jane Gordon, his wife, who died in 1841, aged 59.

433. Susanna Emmett Duncan April 2nd, 1798, aets- 32. Alas. Susanna Emmett Duncan was the daughter of William and Susannah (Pearson) Emmett of Walton, Herts., and was born there March 16th, 1765. Her only child Susannah born at Banff March, 1798, wife of Thomas Pratt, died at Chemies, Bucks, September 30th, 1839

552. Erected by Alexander Duncan, blacksmith, Banff, to the memory of his wife Janet Hay, who died 29th December, 1847, aged 59 years. The above Alexander Duncan died the 30th November, 1851, aged 59 years, also their grandchildren Alexander, son of William Munro, ironfounder, who died the 27th November, 1849, aged 8 years, also his son Robert, who died the 10th October, 1851, aged 11 months. Barbara Duncan, wife of William Munro, died 4th July, 1883, aged 65 years.

557. In memory of William Milne, shipmaster in Banff, who died there 16th June, 1847, aged 84 years, his wife Helen Duncan, who died there 21st February, 1841, aged 86, their daughter Mary, widow of William Grant, shipmaster in Banff, who died 20th July, 1837, aged 45, and of their son Garden Milne, M.D., surgeon, R.N., who died at Banff on the 3rd July, 1842, in his 52nd year. Here are also interred the remains of William Grant, solicitor in Banff, who died 12th November, 1854, aged 40, and of Garden Grant, merchant in Banff, who died 8th August, 1856,,aged 44, both sons of the said Mrs. Mary Milne or Grant



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