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Dunocati - Dunocatus - The Fort Warrior

  Click Here for Larger Image of the Turpillian Stone

The 9ft inscribed ‘Turpillian Stone’ of the 4th century AD at Crickhowell, Wales is a particular early account of the name Duncan. The Celtic Ogham – early form of Celtic writing – on the pillar stone seems to already support an early Latin translation incised into the stone “TURPILLI IC IACIT PUUERI TRILUNI DUNOCATI” which according to scholars matches the Ogham markings around the outer edge of the stone. Translated into English “He lies here, son of Trilunus Dunocatus” -  Dunocatus meaning ‘Fort Warrior’ – similar to that of the Celtic Irish, Donnocatus - Donnchad “Brown Warrior”.   

A Mr Jones Found the stone at Ty'n y Wlad farm, Crickhowell around 1774 being used as a foot stone across a ditch. He recognised it might be of some historical importance and removed it from there to the edge of an adjacent field but it had already suffered a fair amount of ware. The ‘Turpillian Stone’ as it is known can now be found in the Brecknock Museum. 

The Ulster Dalriada or Dál Riata Scotti (Scots) did successfully colonise the south east of Northern Britain (Scotland) by 500AD but, they also made various unsuccessful attempts to invade Wales. Is the ‘Turpillian Stone’ evidence of such an earlier invasion attempt?

By John A. Duncan of Sketraw, KCN, FSA Scot.


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