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Coat of Arms of the late
John A. Duncan of Sketraw, KCN, FSA Scot.
19th December 1953 to 4th May 2022

Duncan Crest Badge

Crest Badge of J A Duncan of Sketraw

Coat of Arms of John A.
                                                        Duncan of
                                                        Sketraw, KCN,
                                                        FSA Scot.


The Duncan of Sketraw Coat of Arms

Painting by Heraldic Artist, Mark Dennis

Arms: Gules a chevronel Or in chief two cinquefoils and in base a dragon’s head couped holding between its teeth a sword in bend sinister hilt upward Argent hilt Or pommel Argent.

Crest: On waves of the sea Argent a lymphad proper under sail Or flagged Gules the sail charged with a clarion Gules.

Motto: Savour the Moment

Pennon: Upon a Pennon of 120 centimetres long to these Liveries Or and Gules Arms in the hoist bearing the motto 'Savour The Moment' in two lines counterchanged.

Grant: by Her Majesty's Supreme Officer of Arms of Scotland, The Lord Lyon, King of Arms, 14th December 2007. Register, volume 88, folio 7.

Conferral: by S. A. R. Don Carlos de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y de Borbón-Parma, Duque de Calabria, Conde de Caserta, Infante de España as a Knight Jure Sanguinis, Motto Proprio, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George. 28th November 2006, Book 4, Folio 56, No. 3002.

A further rendition of the arms painted in a Gothic style by Heraldic Artist Tudor Tiron, which displays the Knights cross of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George can be viewed here.


Duncan is one of the oldest names in Scotland dating back to the early Celtic Scots infiltration of Scotland from Ireland c500AD and the creation of the Kingdom of Dalriada in South West Scotland.  One of the first early records of the name was King Dunchad (Duncan) mac Conaing who co-ruled Dalriada with Conall II (c650 – 654AD). Other early accounts of the name are Dunchad (Duncan) the 11th Abbot of Iona c707 – 717AD; King Duncan I (c1034 – 1040AD); Duncan II (1093- 1094AD) and Donnchad in the 11c. Celtic Book of Deer. 

The first known record of a Duncan armiger was Duncane, Hague Roll 1592. Argent, a chevron Sable between two stars Gules and a hunting-horn Sable, stringed Gules.  

The armiger has kept his arms primarily recognisable as Duncan and based his grant of arms on that of Willaim Duncan of Seaside; Gules, a chevron Or between two cinquefoils in chief and a hunting-horn in base Argent garnished Azure. Register of all Armorial Bearings, Scotland (The Lyon Register) 1672. 

The dragon’s head with a sword in its mouth represents the Armiger’s 13 year service in the Royal Army Dental Corps and his choice of Crest illustrates his love of sailing and his Scots origins. The clarion on the sail shows the armigers participation as a musician in Scottish Music for over 30 years. 

  Duncan Pennnon - Heraldic

John Duncan of Sketraw’s ancestors have worked the land for over 300 years in the North East of Scotland with the earliest known ancestor so far found being James Duncan, Huntly, Aberdeenshire around 1695.

The Armiger is a Knight Jure Sangunis Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George; Fellow of Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; Committee Member of The Heraldry Society of Scotland; Webmaster of the Society of Scottish Armigers; The International Association of Armature Heralds; The Genealogical Society of Scotland and The American Heraldry Society.

Sketraw has three sons Gavin George Duncan of Sketraw, ygr. Euan Michael Duncan and Angus James Duncan.

The Duncan of Sketraw Tartan was registered with the Scottish Tartans Authority in 2005 and further information and images of the tartan can be found here.


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                                                  Duncan of Sketraw ygr

G.G. Duncan of Sketraw, ygr.

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                                                  the Arms of Euam M.

Euan M.Duncan

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Angus J. Duncan.



Scottish Grant of a Coat of Arms
                                  to John A. Duncan of Sketraw - Click
                                  for Larger Image

Scottish Grant of Arms (Letters Patent) to John A. Duncan of Sketraw from Her Majesty's Supreme Officer of Arms of Scotland, The Lord Lyon, King of Arms.

The Lord Lyon of Scotland is a Minister of State and member of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Royal Household. He is Head of the Heraldic Executive and the Judge of the Court of the Lord Lyon, which has jurisdiction over all heraldic business in Scotland and maintains the Scottish Public Registers of Arms and Genealogies. The position of lord Lyon in Scotland dates from around 1437 with the present 'Register of Arms' at Lyon Court dating from 1672.

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Duncan of Sketraw, Genealogy & Family History


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Duncan Armorial Roll


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