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Clan Duncan Society Membership Certifiicate

Clan Membership Certificate

For the present, Members will have their copy of the certificate sent via email. The certificate will be in Adobe PDF and is in a high quality printable format for good reproduction.

For best results the certificate should be printed out using the high resolution, or best print setting on your printer. You can experiment with the type of paper yourself however, an ink-jet type paper (not glossy) or a quality paper approximately 100 grams or more seems to be be the best options.

A smaller .jpeg image can be sent on request for other uses such as personal websites and other multimedia applications.

The artwork as you can see, is of extremely good quality and when printed will look well framed.

Download Adobe PDF Reader

Society Members Please Note: As many of you know, due to time constraints and other personal circumstances, it has taken some considerable time to have the Certificate designed and we thank you for your patience.

We will be working through the backlog of members who have not yet received a membership certificate and you will be receiving them soon by email. It is hoped at a later stage to be able to offer them ready printed for framing.


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